International Publications of Professor V. Kotelnikov
and his colleagues about him:

  • Gelman A.D., Green P., de Marca J. Roberta B., Plevyak T., Siller C., Weinstein S. To our Friend and Colleague
  • IEEE Communications Magazine (October 2009)
  • IEEE_Letter
  • The Life Filled with Cognition and Action
  • On the transmission capacity of the ‘ether’ and of cables in electrical communications, 1933
  • Vladimir A. Kotelnikov - GHN: IEEE Global History Network
  • H.D.Luke The Sampling Theorem
  • Radar Contact with Venus (1961)
  • E tude des plan`etes a l’aide du Radar (1964)
  • Radar Study of Venus Surface by Venera-15 and -16 Spacecraft (1985)
  • Venus- Detailed Mapping of Maxwell Montes Region (1986)
  • The Geology and Geomorphology of the Venus Surface as Revealed by the Radar Images Obtained by Veneras 15 and 16 (1986)

    2006 Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • V A Kotel'nikov (Opening address)
  • Kotel'nikov-the life's journey of a scientist
  • Kotel'nikov_On the transmission capacity of `ether' and wire in electric communications
  • Kotel'nikov and his role in the development of radiophysics and radio engineering
  • Kotel'nikov and encrypted communications
  • Quantum cryptography and Kotel'nikov's one-time key and sampling theorems
  • Kotel'nikov and his role in the development of space radio electronics

    2009 Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Creative career of Vladimir Aleksandrovich Kotel'nikov (opening address)
  • Kotel'nikov_Model Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanics Considerations
  • Kotel'nikov and Solar System studies
  • Development of Kotel'nikov's sampling theorem

  • International Academic Awards:

  • IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal in 2000:

  • IEEE Third Millenium Medal in 2000:

  • Eduard Rhein Basic Research Prize in 1999:

  • Theodore von Karman Award of the
    International Academy of Astronautics in 1998:

  • IEEE Award in honor of Hernand and Sosthenes Behn in 1973: